Ever file an ATF “form 1”?

If you have then you are most likely aware that because you have technically manufactured a firearms you will need to have the person/place of manufacture engraved into the receiver.

We offer this service on our New Hermes rotary engraver and follow all standards set by the ATF (.003 depth and 1/16 in height) We have done hundreds of engravings and usually have a 1-2 day turn around. Average cost is $45.


We are a complete one stop shop for everything firearms. We do everything from simple Sonic Cleaning all the way to Custom one of a kind builds
our services include but not limited to,

  • Repairs
  • Sonic Cleaning
  • AR Builds
  • Sight installs
  • Custom Machining
  • Custom Cerakote
  • NFA Engraving


$20 for nh residents

In the state of NH you are not required to register your firearms in any local or national database. All records are kept at the time of sale by the Federally licensed firearms license holder. We offer this service as a courtesy to NH and out of state residents for a modest fee of $20 and explain the process below.

PERSON TO PERSON TRANSFERS: If you wish to facilitate a private party transfer for piece of mind as well as accountability we can handle that request. The seller can be from any state as long as they legally posses the firearm. The receiver must be from NH if the transfer is a pistol, any state for a long gun as long as it is legal in the receiver’s state.

INTERNET SALES / TRANSFERS: If you purchase a firearms off the internet from a dealer or private party, they will need a copy of our FFL. They can contact us using the form below, or at FFL@MACPHERSONFIREARMS.COM

Once a transfer is sent to us for transfer to you, please wait for a call from us before coming to pick it up. Usually it takes a few hours to log it into our books and prepare it for transfer. If you have not heard from us in 48 hours, please feel free to call and check the status, but not before.

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The iconic AR-15 rifle. It’s like legos for men.

At MacPherson we pride ourselves on our line of parts, accessories, and knowledge of the AR-15 style rifle. If it is your first or your 10th, we can help you get the boomstick of your dreams.

In addition to building, we can also diagnose, repair, service, and help you dream up the perfect rifle for your purpose. We build rifles for law enforcement, sport shooters, hunters, and industry professionals and the starting line is always the same; your idea that we help perfect and acheive.




It all started when…

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