It all started when...

MacPherson Firearms was always a dream. It started to become a reality in 2015 and came to fruition in 2016 in Chester NH. Vinny Gillis the founder of MacPherson started by using half of his garage to sell, service and build firearms for local law enforcement and civilians. Over time this grew into a large enough retail operation to warrant a move to Epping, NH. After almost a year in Epping, the operation expanded into a new location at the Castles in Brentwood where operations are currently in full effect. 


MacPherson Firearms began filling orders at this location to build a superior quality weapons system under the name "Alpha 7 Kilo". By utilizing our extensive connections in the law enforcement community this sparked a new brand of rifles and apparel that will set the market apart on duty grade weapons systems.

"By not doing what everyone else in the country is doing is how we will set our self apart from the the rest of the pack."                                 - Vinny Gillis - Owner

“Unbelievable! I stopped by MacPherson Firearms to get three lowers engraved and was treated like an old friend. Quality work, professional service, and great conversation while I waited. This is my new go-to spot for all gun related parts and services. Thanks again for the great experience.”
— Scott Gifford

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